Dr. Karen McLaughlin is a Democrat. For 14 years, she has lived in Irvine and dedicated her career to protecting our coastal waters from contamination and drought. She has the expertise to make sure that the Irvine Ranch Water District delivers a clean, safe, and sustainable water supply to our communities.

Dr. McLaughlin earned her bachelor’s degree in Geosciences from Penn State University, a doctorate in Geological and Environmental Sciences from Stanford University, and worked as a researcher at UC Irvine. She then joined the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project where she is currently a Senior Scientist working to improve water quality throughout southern California.

While Dr. McLaughlin creates cutting-edge environmental and water quality science, she also excels at listening to communities, regulators, agencies, and businesses with different interests. She understands how to use science to keep our water clean and safe now and in the future.

As an Irvine parent and Cub Scout den leader, Dr. McLaughlin knows first-hand the value of a reliable, affordable water supply for generations to come.